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Pee Dee Chiropractic has been selected as the chiropractic physicians for all of Francis Marion University Athletics

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Pee Dee Chiropractic for Better Health

Pee Dee Chiropractic

Pee Dee Chiropractic

Florence Chiropractors Dr. Richard Heavner and Dr. Brian Porzio have more than 30 years combined clinical experience serving the Pee Dee area. At Pee Dee Chiropractic, we want to educate you on the benefits of Chiropractic Care and help you achieve better health the natural way.

Our Goals in Practice:

  1. Help As Many People As Possible Achieve a Greater Level of Health Through Natural Chiropractic Care
  2. Educate Our Community About Proper Lifestyle Choices That Will Enhance Their Life Experience
  3. Empower Our Patient Base To Live Life To The Fullest Through Maintaining Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health

The spine and nervous system play vital roles in our body’s ability to get and stay healthy. As chiropractors, we regularly see how the lack of spinal health and proper function can diminish lives. We all stress our bodies with our everyday activities of sitting at computers, standing on concrete floors, lifting things, performing yard work, driving long distances and everything in between. These daily stresses affect our overall health. In our office, we all are chiropractically evaluated regularly to help facilitate healing and proper function while also offsetting the stresses of life. We know that chiropractic is a lifestyle choice…….one that gives you the best opportunity to get the most out of life. Everyone has a spine which means everyone needs chiropractic care. Our chiropractors Florence can help.

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